Online Planning

One of the things that I like the most when traveling to a new place is the unique feeling to discover something totally new, to connect with a place which, until then, was only a couple of photos in a travel guide book or some videos from internet. That’s why I almost always travel independently, getting lost in new destinations. And luckily technology makes it easier (and not less exciting in any way), providing us with tools that some years ago were only seen in science fiction.

With this experience we want to offer you the chance to discover Saint Petersburg in your own way, becoming the guide of your own adventure with our personalized routes tailored just for you.

From 5 euros per planned day you will receive a detailed itinerary, according to your requirementes, that can be seen at any time via app (Android or IOS) or just simply printed.

Request our online planning by clicking here, and write us your questions in the contact section. It will be a pleasure to answer all of your inquiries .

Remember that Sank Peter Concierge is your guide to Saint Petersburg. Discover Saint Petersburg in your own way with us. Also follow us on social networks.