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I’m Elena, I’m a professional concierge with 7 years of experience. I love to travel and admire people who dare to discover the world.
I want to help you to discover your own St. Petersburg!
Here I can offer you a travel planning assistance, booking services to museums and events, private guide accompany, transfers and more.

Ask me a question, is free!

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From 5 euros per planned day you will receive a detailed itinerary, according to your requirementes, that can be seen at any time via app (Android or IOS) or just simply printed.

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Walking tours

Thematic walking tours to discover the city, from 4 hours length.

Art day: 4 hours tour available only on Wednesdays and Fridays. In this excursion you will visit the Hermitage complex museums: the Menshikov Palace, the Winter Palace, the Palace of Peter the Great and the General Staff Building. It is a great chance for art lovers to go into the city’s history through the history of art.

Dostoevsky’s Petersburg: This private excursion gives you a chance to discover Saint Peterburg from different angles: as a city where Dostoevsky lived most of his live; the city as a character of his novels and as a city which still keeps the spirit of the greatest Russian writer. Join us in this excursion and you will never look at Saint Petersburg with a former view again. In a 4 hours excursion you will see the apartment museum of the author, will walk the same streets as the characters of ‘Crime and Punishment’, the most famous novel of the writer, and will see other places from the life of the writer.

The Siege: A 4 hours excursion revealing the most tragic episode in the history of the city. In this excursion we will walk through the city centre to see the marks of the war around St Isaac Cathedral and Nevsky prospekt, to go then to the south of the city to the memorial of the defenders of Leningrad.

Sightseeing: A 3 hours excursion in the historical heart of the city. We will begin at the Summer Garden and the first Palace of Peter the Great. Walking along the riverside we will discover the palaces, gardens, bridges and personalities which played important roles in the history of Russia.we finish at the Bronze Horseman monument with the impressive view of Saint Isaac Сathedral.

Tickets & Bookings

Tickets and bookings for different events: ballet, concerts, folk shows. Comission $20.


Airport from $30, Railway station from $20. Escort interpreter $10 extra.



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